I am rooted in the me who is on this adventure…


I’ve never been good at setting goals, and just because it’s a new year doesn’t mean that’s going to magically change about me. Don’t get me wrong – I’ve tried making resolutions for myself on many a past January 1st. And every single time, I’ve failed, and consequently made myself feel like a heaping pile of shit for not accomplishing what I set out to.

I read somewhere recently (probably Huffington Post) that to better one’s chances for succeeding at goals, one must phrase those goals in a certain way. So I did that, as they suggested. And here’s what I came up with for myself to do, in 2014:

1) Grow fresh herbs.

2) Read five books (cookbooks don’t count).

3) Learn to knit.

4) Go on a 3-month social media fast.

5) Take more pictures.

6) Run 250+ miles.

7) Get my mind right (i.e., start seeing a shrink again).

8) Gain control of my eating (paleo/Whole30 at least 6 days a week, seek professional help regarding my relationship with food, and only step on a scale when a doctor requires it).

9) Practice yoga 1+ times a week.

10) Become more financially responsible – ┬ácurb unnecessary spending, and work toward paying off my car, buying a house, and paying back family debts.

Only (!) ten points – and all of them completely doable. I’ll be happy if I can knock a cool six off the list, for the year. But I’m shooting for all ten.

Wish me luck.