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One week down, a lifetime to go

Seven days down, and going strong. Some things I’m noticing already:

  • My body is giving me signals again (when I’m hungry, full, tired, etc.), and I’m getting better at noticing them. I still think I’m mistaking thirst for hunger, and being tired for being hungry, but I’m confident I will eventually figure these out.
  • My cravings for sugar and carbs have substantially lessened. Not gone away completely, but definitely decreased. I’m no longer ready to kill for a cup of sugary “creamer” with some coffee in it.  🙂
  • My skin is already clearing up. Yay!
  • Sleep is getting better. Still have quite a way to go with that, but it has improved.
  • Planning and prep makes ALL the difference. If I have stuff that’s ready-to-go, I’m more apt to reach for that than to cave in and have something junky (not that I could do that, anyway, since I cleared my house of all of it).
  • Energy level is increasing. I’m hoping that keeps up, because I’m ready to get back into a regular exercise routine again.

I’m committed to doing the Whole30 in it’s entirety – nothing but Whole30 for a whole month. After that, in order to sustain this as a lifestyle, I’m shooting for 23 out of 24 meals a week to be “Whole30-approved.” It’s not that I’m going to purposely schedule a “cheat meal” once a week, or anything like that. For myself, I find that when I set too rigid of a regimen, the minute I break the rules, I give up completely – thinking that “I blew it anyway” and “I can’t be perfect all the time.” Instead, by doing it this way, I can still shoot for Whole30 every meal of every day, but if I’m in a situation where that may not be possible, I’ll be okay with deferring slightly. Enough of the all-or-nothing mindset. I am starting to think long-term. BALANCE.

Here’s to a successful second week!